embroidered Christmas motifs, messages and colors, a blog post by Stitched Stories

Stitching a Christmas mood is easy to do when the pattern you start with gives you appealing motifs, messages and colors for the season.

Christmas MOTIFS

The pine tree is a go-to holiday motif that offers up a variety of stitching treatments. Fill a tree with satin stitch, or render each branch with a lazy daisy, or fill the tree with bursts and balls. Those are a just a few ideas.

Other engaging holiday motifs to stitch include reindeer, wreaths, wrapped gifts, ringing bells, and lit candles. It’s all about having fun with the imagery that gets us in the holiday mood.

collage of embroidery closeups of Christmas motifs including wreath, reindeer, candles and Christmas trees
CLOSER LOOK at patterns above: Christmas Mantle | Holiday Folk | NoelMistletoe Farm

Our “Noel” embroidery kit is inspired by vintage imagery of ceramic NOEL letters, ringing bells, and candle clusters you’d see in holiday cards from the 60s and 70s.

Christmas-themed embroidery hoop art with holiday messages, bells, candles and pine trees

Christmas MESSAGES

Song lyrics, greeting card go-tos, and even single words immediately evoke a holiday feeling. What’s more, they’re always fun to stitch, offering up a variety of stitch combinations.

a collage of embroidered holiday messages
CLOSER LOOK at patterns above: NoelJoy | Christmas Mantle

Even the words you see on holiday signage can summon a holiday mood.

Our “Mistletoe Farm” is designed to replicate a tree farm sign. It includes little add-on messages of “you pick ’em” and “Fir * Pine * Spruce.” 

embroidery kit with holiday-themed design, including embroidery floss, pattern, hoop and storage tin.

Christmas COLORS

Red and green are classic go-to colors in a holiday design BUT there are endless variants. A mossy green brings us closer to nature while a teal green gives your design a more modern feeling.

collage of embroidered details from holiday inspired hoop art.
CLOSER LOOK at patterns above: Winter Cabin | Joy | Mistletoe Farm | Ursa Duet

And don’t forget the silvers and golds.  Here’s a look at the kits and patterns in our Stitched Stories Holiday shop. Take a look at the yellows and golds running through them as a uniting color in the midst of many shades of green and red.

holiday themed embroidery kits from Stitched Stories shop

Embrace the season of growth and new beginnings with one of our spring-themed embroidery projects.

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