If you’re ready for a daily embroidery practice and in search of your next projects, this is your invitation to take a closer look at several on-trend projects. 

These designs are a delight to stitch, and they add current appeal when finished and put on display

Mysticism Trend: embroider MOTHS

With the ongoing sense of uncertainty in our world, there’s a desire for connection and meaning–and this has driven the popularity of new age and mystical imagery in decor and branding.

embroidery kit with moth motif

Moths, representing transformation and the search for light, are one of the motifs in this popular trend. Our Moths kit has been THE best selling kit in our shop this year (and last year!)

Not only are Moths an on-trend motif, they’re beautiful when stitched with oranges, golds and greens taken from nature. It’s relaxing to stitch the patterns on their wings using a dozen classic embroidery stitches: a true sampler.

displayed embroidery hoop art with moth motif

Foraging Trend: embroider MUSHROOMS

Foragers search for, identify and collect food resources in the wild. This practice became popular during the pandemic and has continued–extending even to decor with dried flowers, old tree stumps and branches bringing an organic feeling into homes. .

Our MUSHROOMS embroidery pattern is the perfect complement to this love of foraged finds. 

It’s also an engaging project to stitch. There are:  geometrics in the mushroom caps, lush French knots and straight-stitched bursts filling round fungi, and a swirly fiddlehead fern curling from behind the tree.

displayed embroidery hoop art with mushroom motif

Western trend: embroider QUILTIN’ COWGIRL

Western looks are no longer just the domain of country music.

 “Cowboy Core” is fashion aesthetic that has crossed into pop culture over the last year. Calvin Klein’s western-style boots and shirts are showing up on influencers. The most watched show of the last TV season was Yellowstone, and even Ken embraced this trend in the Barbie movie.

embroidery kit with western motif

Quiltin’ Cowgirl gives you the iconic motifs of cowboy boot, hat, lasso backed up by a barnstar quilt pattern (quilting is also on-trend right now!!). You’ll stitch western motifs, flowers, and repeating quilt block patterns.

displayed embroidery hoop art with western motif

Geometrics Trend: embroider TREE OF LIFE

As augmented reality made its way into design, layered and complex geometric patterns rose in popularity during 2023. 

Their popularity is expected to continue in 2024 but with a softer, more muted styling.

embroidery kit with tree of life motif

Tree of Life gives you a design that mixes organic lines with layered geometrics. Leaves are replaced by circles, and these circles give you bursts, repeating patterns, nested hexagons, and layered grids to stitch in soft greens and blues.

This design looks great on display year round.

displayed embroidery hoop art with tree of life motif

Retro Florals Trend: embroider JACOBEAN

Design blogs are flagging a rise in rooms featuring bold and lush floral prints by Josef Frank and William Morris, especially as wallpapers have become easier to source and install.

William Morris looked to Jacobean textiles for inspiration, especially the Jacobean florals that include scrolls and out-of-proportion or exaggerated elements. 

embroidery kit with jacobean floral motif

Our Jacobean embroidery pattern gives you a circle of blossoms, pomegranates and florals to embroider. You’ll use bright colors and fills that contrast solid satin stitching with geometric patterning.

displayed embroidery hoop art with jacobean floral motif

Which on-trend designs will you add to your project bag?

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