The Lazy Daisy embroidery stitch is included in many Stitched Stories embroidery kits–in a variety of ways.

Take a look at the how-to for this stitch and 8 different lazy daisy renderings.

Here’s a diagram and the instructions for creating it that we include in all of our embroidery pattern and kit guides.

  • Bring needle and thread up at 1.
  • Insert back at same spot and up at 2.
  • As you do this, loop working thread under the needle at 2.
  • Pull the thread all the way through and create a snug loop under the working thread.
  • Insert needle back down very near 2 to secure.

1. Flower Petals made with lazy daisies

In Garden Party, flowers surrounding the picnic table are stitched with lazy daisies. Clusters of upright lazy daisy stitches form purple lupins. The coral-colored flowers are made with four upside-down lazy daisy stitches. CLICK for the whole design.

2. Leaves made with lazy daisies

Leafy boughs sit atop a Cuckoo Clock. Each of those leaves is a lazy daisy stitch. (And can you spy more uses? There are the red half-blossoms below the eaves and the turquoise horizontal border just under the bird.) CLICK for the whole design.

3. Tree Branches made with lazy daisies

Three of the trees in Mountain Time have lazy daisy branches. There’s one small vertical stitch at treetop. Along each side are progressively longer lazy daisy stitches. CLICK for the whole design.

4. Rays in a Burst made with lazy daisy stitches

The gold bursts in Tree of Life have a straight stitched star in the center. The outer rays are made with lazy daisy stitches. A coral French knot sits at burst center. CLICK for the whole design.

5. Embellishment with lazy daisy stitches

Take a look at Moths and the three-petaled embellishments below the wavy line of satin stitches. These three petals are three lazy daisy stitches. CLICK for the whole design.

6. Little Hearts made with lazy daisy stitches

Little red hearts are scattered across Start with Coffee. Each heart is made with two lazy daisy stitches that meet at bottom center. CLICK for the whole design.

7. Freeform Fill with lazy daisy stitches

The leftmost cloud in No Place Like Home is filled with lazy daisy stitches curving to fit the shape. CLICK for the whole design.

8. Repeating Pattern with lazy daisy stitches

The wallpaper behind the bed in Catnap is made with yellow lazy daisy stitches repeated in a diagonal pattern. CLICK for the whole design.

One more design with lots of lazy daisies

Find all the lazy daisy stitches in Rolling Hills:

  • the orange row of three-petal ornaments on the fountain
  • the hill section filled with green bushes
  • the scattering of red hearts at top left
  • in the treetop below the hearts are five 3-petal ornaments circling around the central rays
  • in the treetop below the fountain, green lazy daisy rays go around the circle
  • in the greenhouse doorway, there are three tall flowers with lazy-daisy leaves and lazy-daisy blossoms

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