There is strength in numbers–especially when you’re filling space on a wall with hoop-art embroidery.

One hoop alone can be in want of a partner to ground it– 

–to establish either asymmetry (first pic below) or symmetry (the second pic).


Joy and Holiday Folk hung together behind Christmas decor have impact. The colors and themes complement each other, and the embroidery becomes the focal point of the grouping.


Of course Christmas goes with Christmas — 

–but there are several other designs in our collection that go together because they have a unity in one or more of: theme, motif, color, style, or design. 

COWBOY LIFE (unity in theme)

Quiltin’ Cowgirl has only been in the shop for a couple of weeks, and when packing orders, I’ve noticed (more than once) that customers are buying it WITH Bessie’s Blossoms. Which makes sense!

The motifs in each are at home on the range. In addition to having theme in common, there are greens, blues and reds as well as flowers to unite.

Quiltin’ Cowgirl: KIT | PATTERN

Bessie’s Blossoms: KIT | PATTERN

FOR THE NATURALIST (unity in color and style)

Moths and Mushrooms share moss green and a warm palette of gold, orange, coral and garnet. In addition to sharing colors, they share styling, both of them inspired by vintage naturalist illustrations.


embroidery kit with mushroom motif

Mushrooms: KIT | PATTERN

YOUR COFFEE & TEA STATION (unity in motif)

You can display Start with Coffee and Tea Party above your coffee station and you’ll be showing support for all hot-drink lovers. 

The overlap in motif here is oblique rather than direct, but it’s easily understood: a teapot corresponds to a coffeepot. Look also at the scalloped edging on each piece. Though different in their stitching and proportions each is evocative of a doily. 

Start with Coffee: KIT | PATTERN

Tea Party: KIT | PATTERN

SNOW LOVING (unity in theme)

We’re about to roll into the snowiest months. Stitching (and displaying) the chilly retreats in Winter Cabin and Snowy Pines will put you in the mood for skiing, skating and cocoa drinking.

Winter Cabin: KIT | PATTERN

Snowy Pines: KIT | PATTERN

EARLY SPRING MANDALAS (unity in design)

Lucky Circle and Easter Fluffle share spring greens, orange and yellow colors. They are also both designed to repeat motifs around a circle–inspired by mandala designs.

Lucky Circle: KIT | PATTERN

Easter Fluffle: KIT | PATTERN

LANDSCAPES (unity in motif and design)

Rolling Hills and Mountain Time have quite settings with very different color schemes, and yet . . .

. . . there is a strong unity in design. Each of them feature a layered landscape, with green hills overlapping in one and red mountains overlapping in the other. The stitching of them entails filling the hills or mountains with repeating patterns. 

Displaying them together invites a fun study of the similarities and differences.

Rolling Hills: KIT | PATTERN

Mountain Time: KIT | PATTERN


Now you understand how to pair designs for display. Look for a clear visual overlap–and even better if themes complement, too.

Looking back at these pairs above, and notice also how the stitching experience of the two together will satisfy. 

  • Doing a deep dive into the designs inspired by naturalist illustrations helps you appreciate translating color from nature to art.
  • Repeating a design approach (i.e., mandalas or layered landscapes)–but with a little twist–can give you an understanding of how the pieces were put together.
  • Repeating thematic designs will get you excited for creating a display that combines your embroidery and decor.

Which pairing are you inspired to start stitching?

Embrace the season of growth and new beginnings with one of our spring-themed embroidery projects.

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