embroidery notions and supplies needed to establish a regular embroidery practice

Being able to pick up a project and embroider for a few minutes (or hours)…

… at any time of day,

… pretty much any place in the world (don’t recommend stitching in the bathtub)

… and with just a few moments notice is a wonderful thing in my life.

Embroidery is relaxing. It’s creative. It’s got my hands moving and phone stowed away. It can even feel productive if that’s something you like (it’s definitely something I like).

During the holiday season, I find that embroidery is THE ideal creative practice–

–knitting takes more attention and counting than I can give it during busy times

–papercrafting, machine-sewing and painting all take too long to get out and make too much of a mess

–digital scrapbooking disconnects me from the people who are around

But embroidery?


Here are 5 steps for building your own regular practice of embroidery (if you haven’t already!)

assorted embroidery patterns, scissors and needle minders for your embroidery practice

1. Have two or three embroidery projects handy. Then . . .

If you’re not in the mood for one, you can turn to another.

If you’ve left your latest work in the car, and it’s cold and dark out, you simply pick up one that’s nearby.

If a friend or loved one says: “show me how!” you can actually gift them their own embroidery project because you’ve got more set aside.

embroidery pattern in project bag with stitcher's tin

2. Designate a basket or tote for holding your works-in-progress, your finished projects waiting for final framing, leftover floss from recently finished designs, and supplies.

Make sure your basket/tote/trug isn’t too big or too heavy. You want something easily tucked at the end of the sofa, behind the chair in your bedroom, at the end of the kitchen hutch.

stitcher's tin filled with scissors, needles, needle threaders and a needle minder

3. In addition to the two or three projects add these supplies to your project basket:

::> a few small embroidery scissors,
::> a pack of needles,
::> a couple of magnetic needle minders,
::> a drawstring tote or two for taking individual projects on outings.

You need just enough to make it possible to pick up any one of your current projects and have everything you need at hand.

embroidery project outside with tea and a show

4. Figure out where you most comfortably stitch.

Where is the light good?

Where are you close to your favorite complementary entertainment (or beloved quiet)?

Do you prefer being near family to chat or alone in a cozy nook?

Do you like to watch TV, stream a favorite playlist on Spotify or queue up a big new Audible book on tape?

In the early days of making a regular stitching practice, try a few spots so you know all of them that you like.

May embroidery be a way for you to create, collect your thoughts, and relax after a busy day or week.

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