We’ll send you daily “BONUS DAYS” notices each morning through Sunday, Oct 11

You’re IN for Bonus Days! Yippee. We’ll send you a reminder each morning about the current daily bonus that will ship with orders of $20 or more. There’s a link at the top of each email that you can click to STOP receiving those Bonus notices but sill stay on our mailing list.

Here’s the bonus days schedule of bonuses that ship with an order of at least $20 made on that day from our Shopify store:

::> Weds, October 7: Folk Art Bird Needle Minder
::> Thurs, October 8: Package of 56 DMC Floss Bobbins
::> Fri, October 9: Cat Needle Minder
::> Sat, October 10: Stork Scissors
::> Sun, October 11: Camper Van Needle Minder