5 Ways to Use French Knots - Stitched Stories Blog

Many Stitched Stories designs include the French Knot stitch (Our best how-tos and tips for it are in a blog post here.)

Take a look below to see how the French Knot adds texture and interest to finished projects. Whether you’re a new to embroidery or more experienced, this is satisfying stitch to master and use. Our kits and patterns  include detailed stitching guides to make sure you know exactly what to do.

Ground Cover

Clusters of red French knots are used to render a ground cover of flowers on Lighthouse.

embroidery hoop-art with lighthouse and french knot blossoms

On Winter Cabin, French Knots are stitched in two tones–tin and pale blue–to render the snowy ground cover in front of the cabin.

embroidery hoop-art with lwinter cabin and french knot snow flurries

Bulky Fill

Use an extra strand of floss (and an extra wrap of the needle) to get the bulky stitching that fills the fungi rings on the tree in Mushrooms.

embroidery hoop-art with mushrooms and french knot fungi

The sunflowers on Grow have a satin-stitched center and then a rust-colored ring made with bulky French knots surrounding it.

embroidery hoop-art sunflowers with french knot centers

Random Scatter

Just a few pink knots scattered around Let Freedom Ring evoke sparkles from fireworks.

embroidery hoop-art with stars and strips and french knot dots

The sky in Garden Party is filled with French-knotted dots–like fireflies in the night.

embroidery details in garden party scene with french knot accents and patterns

Regular Pattern

Precisely placed French knots accent silo and barn on Hen & Fox. See the vertical line of red knots on the silo. Then, on the barn, see the curved lines of French Knots nested into scallops.

embroidery hoop-art with fox, hen and french knot details

Several lines of French knots accent the mismatched teacups on Tea Party. The top-most cup has a line of orange dots, and then further down there are zigzagging red knots, and then below that navy dots.  The bottom-most cup has zigzagging light blue dots.

embroidery hoop-art with tea party and french knot flowers


The single French knot can anchor a motif made primarily of other stitches. On Tree of Life, see coral French knots in the center of gold bursts.

embroidery hoop-art with tree of life and french knot flower centers

Are you inspired to embroider any of these designs?

OR–do you want to scroll through HERE to spy more examples of French Knots incorporated alongside several more classic stitches…

…all of them coming together to create a satisfying embroidery experience?

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