Title card for blog post on Fall Embroidery Stitch Combinations

At Stitched Stories, we understand the desire to make. 

We understand it as a way to be creatively engaged and, at the same time, producing an appealing finished project.

That means we give you designs:

::> that are more fun than complex,

::> that give you a variety of stitches rather than just a few gorgeous ones,

::> that are a little bit like old-time samplers BUT with modern motifs.

Here are five designed-to-delight bits of Autumn stitching


Embroider a fall wreath with purple berries

At the center of the mandala-styled Pumpkins & Owls:

  • add a basket weave in two tones
  • stitch a wreath of lazy-daisy leaves
  • finish it off with purple French-knot berries
Embroidered fall wreath with purple berries


Embroider a ringed turkey breast

On Harvest Table, a modern turkey tops iconic Thanksgiving motifs of pumpkin, pie, and cornucopia. Among the many fun stitch combinations are those at turkey center:

  • a scalloped neck rendered with fly stitches
  • six chain-stitched rings in earthy colors
  • feathers filled with eye and ovals, scallops and French knots
embroidered turkey with bright feathers and ringed breast

Two fall embroidery designs, Pumpkins & Owls and Harvest Table, are displayed above a mantle with fall garland. They look great on display through October and November.


Embroider glowing windows and a ghost-filled sky

Stitch a variety of haunting details on Spooky House

  • yellow and orange glowing windows rendered in satin stitch and outlined in purple
  • pale back-stitched ghosts filling the sky (and popping out of the topmost window)
  • a scattering of sharply outlined black bats
Embroidered details from halloween hoop art

Spooky House is the richly-detailed centerpiece of a styled Halloween vignette.

Halloween hoop art in styled seasonal vignette


Embroider a flourish-filled squirrel

The focal point of Fall Squirrel Sampler is a pair of bright squirrels filled with:

  • rows of curvy chain stitching in warm fall tones
  • bright flourishes of nested lazy daisies 
  • a half blossom of gold and orange layered stitches
Brightly embroidered squirrel

Fall Squirrel Sampler is a classic piece of fall decor that looks great framed on a your entryway table. 

Embroidery stitch sampler with fall theme


Embroider geometric fills that evoke shading

Have fun stitching the caps on the large Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms as you embroider:

  • a geometric fill that gets progressively more complex to evoke shading
  • rings of scallops with loose fly stitching 
  • radiating gills with yellow back stitches
Embroidered detail of mushroom with red cap

While Mushrooms isn’t explicitly fall-themed, the colors and woodland theme make it a good mixer during this season.

Embroidered Mushrooms hoop art framed

Which Fall designs are you most delighted by?

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