Title card for blog article: Fall Embroidery Patterns, Kits & Projects

As the weather cools and new colors surround us, autumn is an ideal time to hand embroider. It’s also a season that inspires projects packed with fall motifs and colors.

Embroider kits and patterns with fall themes

Here’s a set of autumn-themed designs that will give you hoop-art to put on display from September through November. They’re all in our Fall Embroidery Shop in a variety of formats.

Pumpkins & Owls

A circle of autumn motifs offer up a stitch-packed embroidery project for fall in Pumpkins & Owls. You’ll embroider a topiary of stacked pumpkins layered with wide-eyed owls, adding fun-to-stitch details like scallops on the owls’ wings and fall berries accenting the foliage.

fall embroidery hoopart with pumpkins and owls

Click here to see our full Fall Embroidery Shop where all of these designs are available in multiple formats including full kit, fabric pattern only, or stick-and-stitch washaway pattern.

School Days

School Days gives you an early fall theme featuring vintage schoolhouse motifs. Chalkboard gray and greens are combined with primary colors for a classic sampler-styled project. You’ll use a variety of stitches from satin stitch for filling the continents and pennants to simple straight stitches for the “v” shapes on the wise owl’s chest.

fall embroidery hoopart with vintage school motifs

Spooky House

Spooky House is a design packed with classic Halloween motifs from the deserted house with candles in the window and boarded-up-door to the harvest moon, creepy trees, and ghost-filled sky.

fall embroidery hoopart with spooky house

Fall Motifs Stick & Stitch

Choose from fall motifs that include pumpkin topiary, wheat sheaf, acorn garland and more to decorate your fall tea towels or t-shirts. Trim the motif you want to stitch. Peel the backing and adhere to your fabric. Once you’ve embroidered, soak in warm water to dissolve the temporary pattern.

fall embroidery stick and stick motifs including pumpkins, owls, acorns, etc.

Fall Squirrel Sampler

Embroider a classic band sampler packed featuring a pair of squirrels filled with texture and flourishes in fall colors ranging from gold to orange to pink. 

fall embroidery sampler with squirrels and acorns

Embroider the design in rows filled with classic fall motifs including acorns and oak leaves, pumpkins and apple trees, wheat-sheaf and fall poetry.

framed fall embroidery sampler with squirrels, acorns and fall saying

Harvest Table

Embroider a fall feeling with Harvest Table. In the background are pumpkin, cornucopia, and lattice-topped pie. These elements are all embroidered in back stitch. And then the turkey takes center stage visually and stitchwise. You’ll be using lazy daisies, chain stitch, French knot, fly, split, outline, and leaf–which means this is a fun project.

The color scheme makes the finished hoop-art a natural mixer with your fall decor for the next two months.

fall embroidery hoopart with harvest table turkey, pumpkin and cornucopia

Fall Bundle

You can also buy these three together in our Fall Y’all Bundle.

fall embroidery hoopart trio with pumpkins and owls, spooky house and harvest table

All three are now available as kit, pattern and Stick-and-Stitch

Embroider kits and patterns with fall colors

While the embroidery kits and patterns that follow are not explicitly fall-themed, they include fall colors and nod to getting outdoors in nature and even doing a little bit of foraging.


Grow is rendered with fall-perfect shades of rust, gold, green and lavender. What’s more, while the motifs may start with spring seedlings, they also include include fall elements of sunflowers and a scene of dried flowers and tinctures.

fall embroidery hoopart with sunflowers and fall colors


Home & Gardens calls mushrooms a micro trend that has become the unexpected star of 2023, writing: “This interior design trend started out as simple mushroom motifs in 2021 and has quickly become a dominant theme in design, with mushrooms infiltrating the work of even high-end designers and artists worldwide.”

fall embroidery hoopart with mushrooms in fall colors

The motifs and colors in our Mushrooms design make it a great fall decor element. Plus our take is different from the others, with cap color and shading rendered with blackwork stitching from the 15th century. The quote on this piece is from Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle.

fall embroidery kit with mushrooms and embroidery floss in fall colors


Finally, consider our Moths design for your fall styling. Jewel tones of garnet and turquoise along with gold and orange make it an ideal piece to stitch and display. This is in the Fall shop as kit, pattern, and stick-and-stitch.

fall embroidery hoopart with moths in fall colors

Visit our Fall Embroidery Shop

Be sure to visit our Fall Embroidery Shop where you’ll find fall-themed hand embroidery designs in multiple formats including full kit, fabric pattern, or wash-away stick-and-stitch. Click here for Fall Embroidery Designs.

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