Title card for blog post called: Hoop-Art Embroidery in Styled Vignettes

Your home tells the story of your experiences, your aesthetic preferences, and your daily life. When you mix a handmade piece of embroidered hoop-art into your décor, you’re adding elements with unique appeal.

My favorite way to display my in-the-hoop embroidery is on a display stand designed for plates. I combine that hoop-art with books, plants, and knick-knacks in small styled vignettes around my home, often changing them out by season.


See the Jacobean hoop-art project combined with

  • a kaleidoscope purchased on a long-ago vacation trip to Corning Glass,
  • the da Vinci book gifted to us by our dearest family friends from their own coffee table, and
  • a book on cowboys that’s a nod to the love of Westerns by my oldest son and father.

It’s a display I love passing by each day.

Embroidered hoop art of Jacobean flowers displayed on stand.

Tree of Life is a design you can display year round. Here, see it on a low bench with favorite books and a bowl of wooden tops. My younger son’s senior capstone project in physics was on the tippie-top, and this is a fun reminder of that family history—it’s part of our “tree of life.”

Embroidered hoop art of tree of life displayed on stand.


Moths pairs beautifully with a small house plant for a simple and eye-catching arrangement.

Embroidered hoop art of moths displayed on stand.

Birds are a favorite motif for our family. Over the last couple of years, we came to love playing the board game Wingspan, which then spurred an interest in birdwatching. All of this personal history makes the Small Birds hoop art fitting for our family. This outdoor scene is nicely complemented by plants and a fun lidded cachepot.

Displayed hoop art with small birds and plants


Mushrooms is a hoop-art piece that’s right at home in our house in the woods where these fungi flourish on our shaded and mossy front yard. It’s displayed here with plants a small platter printed with ferns that echo the embroidered fiddlehead.

Embroidered hoop art of small birds displayed on stand.

It’s fun to double down (or even triple down) on a featured motif in your embroidered hoop art. Here Pumpkins & Owls is surrounded by a few of our favorite ceramic owls.

Collect pieces that can raise up elements in your vignette to create height differences. Here the largest owl is sitting on vintage printing blocks. Spools, books, and candle pedestals are also handy for this styling work.

Embroidered hoop art of pumpkins and owls displayed on stand.

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