4 ways embroidered hoops complement your home decor, a blog post by Stitched Stories.

Every home tells a story of the owners’ experiences, aesthetic preferences, and current daily life.

When you mix a handmade piece (or two) of embroidered hoop-art  into your decor, you’re adding elements with unique appeal. 

Here are 4 reasons to display embroidered hoop-art on the wall or on a stand with table-top vignettes.

1. Embroidered decor adds shape and texture 

The inclusion of an embroidered hoop in your decor groupings lets you add variety with a round shape and textured elements. So often groupings are filled with squares and rectangles–and flat or smooth surfaces.

In this vignette, our Vintage Truck hoopart mixes well with a rectangular piece of word art sitting on a slice of wood. Small pumpkins in wood and rafia add texture that complements the fibers in the embroidery.

harvest-themed embroidered hoop art with vintage truck full of flowers alongside word art and decorative pumpkins

2. You can change embroidered décor seasonally

You don’t need to display all of your finished hoops all of the time. Keep them in your buffet or living room cabinet and change them out seasonally. Choose pieces that add relevant motifs and colors complement your current décor.

Here, during the Thanksgiving holiday season, you can see how I’m displaying our Harvest Table hoop art–and there’s a peek at additional hoops stored below.

embroidery hoop art with harvest table turkey displayed on buffet alongside house plants and thanksgiving-themed decor

Rolling Hills is a great piece to display in the summer with plants or a vase of flowers.

embroidery hoop art with summer landscape scene displayed alongside house plants in ceramic pots

When there’s no holiday to be celebrated, I like displaying a piece like On The Canal along with other pieces like the pitchers, wooden trug and pie bird shown here.

embroidered hoopart with city landscape on the canal displayed with wooden trug, glazed pot, teapot and figurine.

3. Embroidered decor oomphs the story your home decor tells 

Your decor tells a story, and the motif-packed designs from Stitched Stories further that goal.

We’ve got patterns to go with your love of camping (To the Woods), gardening (Grow), domestic coziness (Start with Coffee), and so many more subjects.

embroidered hoopart with fun camping scene displayed on an easel with camp lantern and wooden tree bookend

garden-themed embroidered hoop art displayed with houseplants

coffee-themed embroidery hoop displayed with houseplant and decorative mug.

4. Embroidered décor becomes an heirloom piece

An embroidered piece displayed adds heirloom crafting to your home. It’s a celebration of the handmade and the establishment of a piece that can be handed down through generations.

Cuckoo Clock mixes well with an alarm clock from my grandmother and a favorite childhood toy.

embroidered hoop art with vintage cuckoo clock displayed with bird figurine, old clock and house plant.

Stitched Stories kit designs support your home decor stitching choices.

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