Embroidering Christmas motifs and colors makes for fun stitching time.

If you’re worried about just what to do with your embroidered holiday hoop art featuring Christmas trees and cottages, ornaments, and wreaths, take a look here at the many spots you can display these soon-to-be heirloom pieces.

1. Hang holiday embroidery over the mantle

winter-themed embroidery hoop-art displayed over the mantle

Ursa Duet and Winter Cabin look great together over your mantle. They make great decorations not only during holiday season but right on into the winter months of January and February.

Embroidered Christmas hoop art hung over stockings.

Don’t have a mantle? If you hang your stockings from a cabinet, Christmas Mantle will look great mounted above this display. It will evoke the idea of a mantle!

Whimsical reindeer Christmas embroidery hung over pine boughs and holiday mantle.

Here’s one more over-the-Christmas-mantel embroidery display. Joy is playful and bright and pops agains a white brick walk and mantle topped with pine boughs.

2. Nestle a finished hoop in the center of a wreath

Embroidered Christmas hoop art in pinecone wreat

The bold and bright folk-art motifs in Holiday Folk are a perfect match for a pinecone wreath.

Does it feel like it came out of a Jan Brett storybook?

3. Hang embroidered ornaments on the tree

Embroidered holiday folk-art bird ornament hanging from Christmas tree

There are several Stick & Stitch pattern sets in the Holiday Shop right now.  Stick the pattern to felt, embroider in bright colors, wash the pattern away and then finish for display. I like stitching my ornament on white felt and then layering it with more felt to finish and hide stitching on the back. 

Embroidered bell ornaments, stitched on felt

4. Put several embroidred hoop-art pieces in a grouping

three holiday embroidery projects hanging on the wall as decoration

A stitched grouping adds color and interest to simple white and green decor. See here: Mistletoe FarmChristmas Mantle, and Noel.

#5. Add embroidered hoop art to a styled vignette

Holiday-styled vignette with embroidered Christmas Mantle embroidered hoop-art

Set your finished hoop art on a plate stand or small easel, and it’s easy to mix it with other holiday decorations. You can find our display stands here.

Bright and simple Christmas embroidery displayed in a styled holiday vignette.

When you hang a hoop low on the wall, just behind holiday decor, it becomes a part of the styled vignette. Joy and Holiday Folk are two embroidered pieces that look great together because of their simple designs and bold colors They’re a great complement to a mostly neutral dsaply of houses and gift box.

6. Tie an embroidered ornament to your gift wrapping

embroidered ornaments used as tags on wrapped Christmas gifts.

Embroidered ornaments make great tags for your holiday gifting. See several Stick & Stitch ornament patterns in our Holiday Shop.

Where will you display your holiday embroidery this year?

Click here to choose you favorite holiday projects and get started today with your seasonal stitching today!

Mistletoe Farm, hung just above a kitchen shelf complements holiday dinnerware beautifully.

Christmas embroidery hoop-art displayed on wall next to holiday dinnerware

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