Here’s a detailed look at our Catnap kit with extra stitching added.

These are the tweaks and floss colors I described in my video about adding unique touches to Catnap.

  • Add chain-stitch lines to headboard and bedposts using bonus floss DMC 07
  • Add chain-stitch lines to frames with bonus floss DMC 28
  • Add chain-stitch vertical lines to pillow behind cat with bonus floss DMC 28
  • Add French knots to pillow scallops with bonus floss DMC 28
  • Add stars in the spaces between “wallpaper” lazy daisies using bonus floss DMC 05
  • Add stars in the diamonds on the pillow with red diagonals using already-included floss DMC 745
  • Add French knots to the red-flower pillow (a knot in each petal) with the already-included floss DMC 745
  • Stitch 3 of the red flowers on the quilt with the satin stitch using the already-included floss DMC 891 (and add a yellow X in the center)